Social Bowls

Social Bowls.

Despite the cooler weather ,good numbers continue to turn up for social bowls and an enjoyable afternoon.

On Wednesday in fine conditions,20 bowlers played 3 games of pairs.In a very even competition 4 teams won 2 games and on the points system the winners were Eileen O’Brien[s] and Ilona Hutterer ( 2 wins,1 draw,38 points,+20 shots).

The runners up were John McGillivray[s] and Les Morante( 2 wins,35 points,+6 shots) from Hal Dihm[s] and Dinah Finn( 2 wins 34 points,+21 shots) and Brian Taylor[s] and Ellis Knight( 2 wins,31 points,+12 shots).The jackpot was not won.

On Saturday in cold and windy conditions,12 bowlers played 3 games of pairs.The winners were Kelvin Hamilton[s] and John McGillivray ( 3 wins,42 points,+7 shots).Runners up were Alan Perry[s] and Ken Reader( 2 wins,34 points,+12 shots) from Smokey Dawson[s] and Les Morante( 2 wins,33 points,+4 shots) and Grant Baker[s] and Ilona Hutterer( 2 wins,29 points,O shots).The jackpot was not won and will be $200.00 today.